Looking at the music of Dutch rock band Focus, started in the late sixties by Thijs Van Leer (b /31/03/48) with Jan Akkerman (b 24/12/46). Van Leer still performs and records under the name today (official site here). Akkerman's site here.




Less commonly played live songs 21-40

21/22 Anonymous II and Focus V 11
23-25 Focus and Hocus Pocus (Reprise) and Sylvia's Stepson 10
26/27 Flute Solo and P's March 9
28 Ode to Venus 8
29-32 Birth and Drum Solo / Hocus Pocus reprise and Hamburger Concerto and Who's Calling?  7
33-37 Drum Solo and Focus 11 and Focus III / Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers! and Hurkey Turkey 2 and Thijs van Leer Solo 6
38-40 Anonymous and Mazzel and Victoria 5

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